Batter Bakery

New Year, New Breakfast... and Lots of News.

Jen M.Comment

As we settle into 2016, lots of changes here at Batter are in the works.

First, let's talk about breakfast. We know you've always thought of us for our scones (deemed the best in the city by many avid scone eaters). Those scones will still be popping out of the oven as always, BUT we've added all sorts of new breakfast offerings to the Polk Street cafe menu. Even better, they are healthful, fill-you-with-goodness ways to start & snack through your day. We have chia + almond overnight oats (pictured here), breakfast quinoa, Greek yogurt + grains, quiche and fritatta. Kale & farmer's market salads are packed up ready to grab & go for lunch, or enjoy here. Don't forget to add an egg (from our friends at Rolling Oaks Ranch, who have the best eggs EVER). Despite what you may think, bakers like healthful food, too, and are excited to share these new goods with you.

Next, let's talk about cake. Now you can come in for a slice of cake, or grab a small cake for that last minute dinner or birthday party. Give us a ring to see what we have in the case!

Finally, let's talk about change. Change is always a bit scary, but very exciting. The biggest change you will find when you come into the shop is that 2127 Polk is now ALL bakery (which is why we have all these new, lovely things to fill the case). Our sister company, Square Meals, who we have shared this shop with for four years, has decided to close. We wish Alison the best as she embarks on the next stage of her life adventure.  "What does this mean for Batter?!" you all ask.. It means that exciting changes are afoot!! We will be here until late Spring, while we work on building out our new bakery kitchen just a short jaunt up the hill (to earn you those cookies), at 1517 Pine Street. We'll have all of our Batter favorites, as well as new cafe items, and espresso (finally!). We'll also be adding many more baking classes & events to the agenda, to fill our cozy new space with friends, learning, and fabulous baked goods.

Stop in and enjoy some new treats this New Year, and we'll keep you posted on all the New News as we go!