Batter Bakery

Go Warriors!

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It’s playoffs time again, which means Batter will be serving up blue and gold treats at all the home games! Look for Batter classics + Warriors-themed goodies in all the clubs starting with Game 1 of Round 2. Want to order your own blue and gold treats for watching at home, or for your favorite fan? Shoot us an email at We’ll have festive sandwich cookies, confetti cookies, and hand-decorated shortbread available throughout the playoffs. Go Dubs!

Renegade Craft This Weekend!

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Spring has arrived, and so has fair season! Visit us at scenic Fort Mason this weekend for Renegade Craft Fair! We’ll be right up front slinging snacks to keep you fueled while you hunt for that perfect ceramic, piece of jewlery, or outfit. Stock up on edible art in the form of baked goods, perfect for Easter baskets, gifting, or treating yourself. See you 11am-6pm, both Saturday & Sunday!

St. Patrick's Day ---> Shamrocks & Boozy Baked Goods!

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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Celebrate with some festive treats, available Wednesday 3/13 - Sunday 3/17.

- honey vanilla shamrock shortbread - $1.75 ea

- hand decorated shamrock shortbread - $2.75 small, $4.50 lg

- confetti cookies (green, rainbow, and gold) - $2.00 ea

- double chocolate sandwich cookie pack - St Patrick’s selection (set of 5 with 3 green, 1 rainbow, 1 gold) - $8.75

- guinness cupcakes with bailey’s espresso buttercream - $3.50 each, $39/dz

- vanilla cupcakes with chocolate or vanilla buttercream + festive sprinkles - $3.25 each, $36/dz

Order St. Patrick’s Day treats 48 hours in advance, or visit one of our retail locations for assorted St. Patrick’s goodies. Not local? Order for greater Bay Area delivery on Good Eggs!

Sweet Valentine's Day

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honey vanilla hearts

Valentine’s Day is Thursday, February 14 this year!

What better way to share love than with cookies & treats!? Whether you are loving yourself, friends, coworkers, family, or partner, we have all the treats you need for a perfect Valentine’s Day. Choose from our selection of love-ly retail goodies, available at our shop, kiosk, or farmers market locations; order from our Valentine menu (pdf here) for your parties and office celebrations; or order on Good Eggs for delivery.


available Friday 2/8 - Thursday 2/14, with select retail items available beginning 2/2

Chocolate “Heart-Beet” Cake with Bittersweet Chocolate Buttercream · $35
Red Velvet Heart Cake
Covered in Chocolate Ganache · $30
Naked w/ Cream Cheese Frosting · $25
** Cake order deadline for 2/14 is Monday, 2/11!**

Hand Decorated Hearts
Iced Shortbread with Valentine message · $3.75 loose, $4.00 individually packaged
Small Iced Shortbread (without message) · $2.25 loose, $2.50 packaged

Mini Shortbread Hearts - $16.00/dozen, $9 per 6 oz retail bag
“Better Than Flowers”· Lavender Sea Salt Shortbread
“Nuts About You”· Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread
“Hot Stuff”· Red Hot + Vanilla Bean Shortbread
“Honey, I Love You”· Honey Vanilla Shortbread

Lovestruck Snacks - $2.25 each, $24/dozen
Double Chocolate Heart Sandwich Cookies
Valentine Confetti Cookies

Cupid Crunch - $16/lb
Sweet & salty nuts, shortbread edges, chocolate, candies

****** Don’t forget to pre-order your treats 48 hours prior to when you need them! *****

New Year = A Perfect Excuse for you Granola Bar Addiction

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Every year when January arrives, there is a divide in attitude toward baked goods: those on a “diet'“ and those who continue eating their usual daily scone/quickbread/cookie. If you’ve heard us wax poetic over the years about the quality of ingredients we use, how often we opt for whole grains and fresh produce in our recipes, and how most of our products highlight ingredient flavor over just “sweetness”, you know that we also support a healthful approach to eating (and living!). We aren’t going to tell you not to diet this month. We are going to encourage you not to swear off anything from any bakery altogether, because, maybe January just means it’s time to try something new and slightly less decadent? Plus, the weather is perfect and you need energy for that long bike ride over the bridge.

Sure, skip your usual devil’s food brownie (even though it’s 100% whole grain anyway). Try our heritage grain biscotti, or our 100% whole grain chocolate chip cookies, showcasing six whole grain flours along with bittersweet chocolate and coconut sugar.

Or have a granola bar (fig and seed, peanut butter chocolate buckwheat, or cashew coconut rye). Be warned that these granola bars may form an addiction, though, with their stick-with-you-to-lunch energy from real nuts, seeds, fruit, and grains rather than fillers, starches, or gums. You might crumble them up on top of your yogurt, dip them in coffee, or slather them with almond butter before a workout (all real habits of 3 of our die-hard granola bar customers). You may end up having them shipped across the country, or you may snack on them while you’re working at your desk. They’re vegan, free of refined sugar, and two are gluten conscious (the third not only because of its whole rye flakes). They’re delicious, to boot.

Maybe we’ll even come up with some more flavors this month, just because we care about your breakfast habits that much. Happy snacking!