Batter Bakery

Are you ready for some football??

Jen M.Comment

In case you haven't heard, Super Bowl 50 is coming to the Bay Area this year. My good ol' college town of Santa Clara will be hosting the actual game at Levi's Stadium, but San Francisco has become the home base for a myriad of events. "Super Bowl City" has been dropped into the area in front of the Ferry Building & Embarcadero Center.  Some people are excited about this. Some people are up in arms about this. I hold the position of "We'll make you some cookies for this!"

Playful football-themed cookies (hand decorated shortbread, gingerbread footballs, team colored sandwich cookies) will be available at our shops (particularly Two Embarcadero Center location), on Good Eggs, and next Saturday at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. For those of you wondering, yes the market is open! Come visit! Ride your bike, though, parking might be.. special. CUESA has put together a great Super Bowl 50 Survival Guide, and our vendor pals will be happy to have some local & out of town visitors.

Throw a Super Bowl party, and don't forget the treats!