Batter Bakery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sand Angel ®?
A Sand Angel is Batter's signature, secret recipe cookie. Most people comment that it reminds them of a cross between a snickerdoodle and a molasses cookie, although it's neither! We think you should just try one for yourself, and take a guess. Good luck—not even the ultimate cookie consumers have quite figured it out!

Who makes all the baked goods?
Jen and her bakery team whip up fresh baked goods daily.

Do you make any 100% gluten-free baked goods?
No. We are not a gluten-free kitchen, so we do not feel comfortable calling any of our items truly gluten-free. For those trying to avoid gluten, try our "gluten-conscious" coconut macaroons, caramel nib brownies, or select ice cream sandwiches. These items are made without wheat flour.

Where do all your recipes come from?
The majority of recipes have been developed through several years of creation, tweaking, and testing. A few special recipes have been passed down from family and close friends. New recipe development is an ongoing process at Batter Bakery.

Is there a minimum order and notice required for delivery?
We request a $50 minimum order for local delivery, with 24 hours notice for all orders. There is a $15 fee for delivery within San Francisco. Last minute orders may be taken if we can accommodate them, and sent via courier, which generally ranges between $20 and $30 for delivery.

How long do Batter products last?
Since Batter products have no preservatives, they are best eaten as soon as possible! If they make it home, keep baked goods in airtight containers away from heat, moisture, and strong odors. Cupcakes may be kept at cool room temperature in bakery box overnight. General freshness guidelines:

Biscotti – Keep away from moisture in airtight container for up to 1 week.
Cookies – Up to 3 days.
Cupcakes – Overnight in bakery box, at cool room temperature.
Dessert Bars – Up to 3 days (refrigerate brownies & lemon bars).
Muffins & Scones – Best the first day! If necessary, re-warm in a 300 degree oven for 10 min.
Quickbreads – May be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap for up to 3 days.