Batter Bakery

Let's Celebrate! It's {almost} 2016!

Jen M.Comment

Another year has flown by. How are we in the last few days of the year already!? Holiday decorations are slowly disappearing from the streets. The neighborhood has an unusual excess of parking spots. The silver & gold sprinkles & boozy baked goods are waiting to shine this Thursday night.

2015 was a mixed bag... plenty of challenges & obstacle courses presented themselves throughout the year. Who said owning a business is easy? No one, EVER. What stands out, though, is the amazing number of fantastic memories from 2015. A new van (albeit a sad goodbye to the Battermobile MINI). Clever Valentine sandwich cookie names.  New shortbread boxes! Naked cakes taking the wedding scene by storm. Saturdays at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market, sharing food & "wisdom" with Devoto, Nana Joes & Rolling Oaks. Almond butter chocolate raspberry cookies. Upside down cakes galore. Launching a new website. An epic Summer Celebration. Filming a Christmas cookie show smack in the middle of summer for Food Network. Expanding Batter to Portland. Gold stickers. Delirious late nights singing songs with staff. Signing a lease for our new store (more to come on this soon!).

The past year deserves some celebratory cookies, and a rainbow of icing. In the upcoming year we'll toss on the extra sprinkles.

Reflection aside, it's time to celebrate the beginning of 2016! We'll be at the Thursday market (Ferry Plaza) stocked with boozy & sweet party treats, closed Friday for some R&R, and waiting for you Saturday with open arms & recovery goodies [read: ice cream sandwiches],  as well as a slew of healthful new breakfast items at the shop.

Happy 2016, everyone! Cheers to another great year!