Batter Bakery


Handcrafted Baked Goods

Batter is a boutique bakery specializing in unique, handcrafted baked goods. Our All-American sweets are made using premium ingredients and fresh, seasonal flavors. Baked in small batches, our sophisticated yet classic treats will satisfy everything from an afternoon sweet tooth to an elegant event. We create decadent sweets with a warm, personal touch for individual and corporate clients, weddings & birthdays, and special occasion events. Batter was founded in 2008 by owner Jen Musty out of a passion for baking; a unique creative energy; and a love for bringing people happiness through wonderful food. We invite you to start your morning on a delicious note with scrumptious scones, quickbreads, and granola. Enjoy a signature cookie or dessert any time of day.

Sourcing and Ingredients

We source all of our produce (with the exception of bananas!) from local farmers and use only what is in season. You won't find pumpkin bread in July around here. Whole grain flours are incorporated into the majority of our breakfast items, and many of our dessert treats as well. Try a whole grain muffin or buckwheat scone - you may be surprised by how much you like them! Our baked goods are packed with organic flour and grains; premium chocolate and spices; sustainable Madagascar vanilla; Jacobsen salt, and local dairy and eggs.

A Few of Our Farmers

Mariquita Farm
Devoto Orchards
Capay Mills
Tierra Vegetables                                           Rolling Oaks Ranch
Yerena Farms
Triple Delight Blueberries
Flying Disc Ranch
Lagier Ranch                                                 
Twin Girls Farm                                               
Swanton Berry Farm                                    
K&J Orchards
Eatwell Farm
Capay Valley Farm Shop
Bella Viva Orchards



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