Batter Bakery

Mother's Day (It's May 10 this year... Don't forget!)

Jen M.Comment

How many times over the years has your mother made you breakfast/brunch/dinner/cake? Sent you care packages in the mail? Listened to you complain about school/work/life?  Reminded you to make time for a healthful breakfast? Probably many, many times. Your mom deserves a big THANK YOU on Mother's Day.

My mom taught me to bake, so she DEFINITELY deserves a big thank you on Mother's Day.. Maybe even from some of our Batter fans, since, if it wasn't for those early baking years, Batter probably wouldn't exist!? Our home was always filled with fresh muffins, cookies, granola, and amazing smells wafting from the oven.  I grew up sorting through Mom's recipe boxes, looking for my next project.

This Mother's Day, you should make YOUR mom breakfast/brunch/dinner/cake. Not the cooking or baking type? Luckily we are. Let us do the baking and you write the heartfelt note. Or even easier, you can ORDER ONLINE for the first time ever!!

Special Mother's Day treats will be available at all of our retail locations beginning May 1!