Batter Bakery

Happy 2017! Let's eat some granola bars.

Jen M.Comment

It's the New Year. Yes, we know, you swore off sugar; alcohol; gluten; eating anything other than juice. We get it. You overindulged during the holidays, and, just like every January, are trying to make up for it. Our thoughts on the matter? Return from overindulgence to moderate indulgence! Get your exercise on and earn it!

For those days where you want to stick to your healthful eating, pickup breakfast or lunch at the shop. Chia & almond overnight oats, cranberry almond oatmeal, ham & veggie frittata, and kale salad await. For those days where you want to indulge, we'll have all the favorites... brownies, peanut butter blossoms, Sand Angels, ice cream sandwiches. Pick your treat, then throw a fig & seed granola bar in your bag for good measure. Cheers to a sweet 2017!