Batter Bakery

Staff Spotlight! Joanna Strahm, Batter Bakery PDX Manager

Jen M.Comment

Second in our series of staff spotlights is Joanna Strahm, our Batter Bakery Portland pioneer! Joanna started as a baker's assistant in February 2013, shortly after graduating from Tante Marie's Pastry School. Joanna worked her way through responsibilities in the San Francisco kitchen, from a quiet baker's assistant, to an incredibly efficient and goal-driven kitchen manager. Joanna was notorious for buzzing around the kitchen, baking up a storm while making sure everyone was on task and moving as quickly as possible. Always bandana clad, this tiny gal made a big impact on the Batter kitchen. 

When the upsetting news came that Joanna's husband had taken a job in Portland and they would be moving away, we considered that, perhaps, this would not be the end of Joanna's time at Batter, but rather the beginning of a new chapter. Joanna immediately began furious research and we decided, yes, this would be an excellent next step. Joanna arrived in Portland and began establishing wholesale accounts, found a kitchen to bake from, and secured several initial pop-ups to begin to spread the word about Batter PDX. Only a few months later, Jo has established some serious cookie footing in Portland. Look for her this Spring at the Moreland and Happy Valley Farmer's Markets, at the Portland Night Markets, and at many more special events to come!