Batter Bakery

Staff Spotlight! Hallie Young - Assistant Ops Manager

Jen M.Comment

First in the series of some staff spotlights at Batter.. Hallie Young! Hallie is our Assistant Operations Manager (and will gladly give you one of her business cards that says this!). A San Francisco native, Hallie started at Batter as an intern the summer before her senior year at UC Santa Cruz. She returned home from a year abroad in Italy, and jumped right in as the most enthusiastic, cheerful, Beyonce-loving member of the team. That first summer, Hallie helped set up weddings & events with me, worked at the kiosk, kitchen, and helped with just about any project available. The only downside of that summer? Hallie had no driver's license (city kids, ugh!), so we had to drive her EVERYWHERE.

During her senior year, Hallie helped while home for the holidays, then came back the next summer after graduation as a full-time member of the team. Working her way up from baker assistant & retail, to one of our lead bakers and now assistant ops manager, Hallie has done almost everything here. Placing an order, or sending an inquiry email? Hallie will be the one answering! Holiday event or pop-up? Hallie will be there smiling, slinging goods. CUESA event at the Ferry Building? She's done just about all of them with me. Hallie is hands down, my right hand gal. She can even parallel park like a champ now. She'll tell you how many days until her birthday any time of year, and keeps us all in good spirits even after insanely long days and ridiculous holiday seasons. Next time you're in, give Hallie a hello!