Batter Bakery

Cookie HAPPY HOUR. It's a real thing!

Jen M.Comment

The late afternoon wiggles have hit you. You are antsy, tired, and need to take a walk. Even better than just a walk? A walk and a cookie. You glance at your watch. The celebration alarm goes off in your head... IT'S COOKIE HAPPY HOUR!!!

Yes, we know. Most places have beverage happy hours. Those are wonderful, too. Cookie happy hour is an entirely different thing. You can pick any one of your favorite Batter cookies or shortbread squares, hand over two single dollar bills, and walk away with one big, chewy cookie. Will you choose peanut butter chocolate chip? Sand Angel? Cherry ginger? Lavender sea salt? So many choices and only one stomach to fill! Unless you love your co-workers, in which case you'll pick up a happy hour dozen for $22. An even better deal!

If you are near our Polk St shop, you are in luck. You can have that cookie WARMED UP! Oh, happy day. Just add an iced coffee or glass of milk and you will be in afternoon heaven.

Cookie Happy Hour, daily: 3pm-6pm (Polk Street); 4pm to close (kiosk and Embarcadero)

Pick your happiness!