Batter Bakery

Farmer's Market

Jen M.Comment

Last December, we became a vendor at the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market, organized by CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture). Landing a spot at the market was years in the making for me, and one of the most exciting achievements ever.

The farmer's market is something indescribably special for me. After over six years of running Batter, I'd finally begun to to take two day weekends (miracle!). When the Ferry Building opportunity came up, I didn't even think twice about giving up my Saturday. Saturday is hands-down the most exhausting day of the week for me. Up at 3am, baking everything off, loading up, hauling the tent, tables, & goods. Setup, talking and standing ALL day, breakdown, unload, tie up loose ends. 12+ hours of nonstop motion and engagement with customers, fellow vendors, staff, and SF crazies.

Saturday is also the most fulfilling, inspiring day for me. I see my regular customers, hear about their weeks, and hand them their favorite treats. I catch up with my vendor neighbors. I see the true beginning and end of produce seasons. I see San Francisco awaken from a sleepy sunrise to a bustling hub for locals and tourists alike.

The farmer's market allows for experimentation of recipes, special seasonal treats, and unique market goodies not available during the week. Market cakes, warm cookies in the Sweetcart, cookie packs, and savory tarts.  Treats aside, you'll see a slightly sleepy but definitely smiling face that is often tucked in the kitchen or office other days of the week.

Last weekend we were lucky enough to begin a Sunday market as well - CUESA's new Mission Rock Farmer's Market. I dragged my brother along (sibling pic featured above!), met new people and new vendors, and had a fantastic time.

Come visit me at the market some weekend soon. I promise it's the best day of the week!