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MOM deserves some treats!

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Whether it's your actual mother, or a friend, wife, aunt, sister, or cousin, we can all agree that ALL moms deserve a little something special this weekend. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12! Strawberry buttermilk upside down cakes, shortcake jars, and shortbread minis are perfect for gifting; coffeecakes, scones, and quickbreads are perfect for brunching. Pre-order (or stop by any of our retail locations!) for drool-worthy treats this weekend. Not local? Order on Good Eggs for Bay Area home delivery!

XOXOXO to all the moms.


Saturdays are for BUNS!

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Saturdays have always been a special day for Batter, since we LOVE selling at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. We purchase all of our weekly produce, find seasonal inspiration for new recipes, catch up with our market customers and neighboring vendors, and enjoy a day of being outside on the stunning SF waterfront.

Now Saturdays are even MORE special thanks to some new laminated dough experiments. We've been adding buns (savory, sticky, and morning) to our Saturday market offerings, as well as croissants. You won't find any plain, white croissants around here... sorry/not sorry! You'll see playful and seasonal flavors (blood orange marmalade, sesame tahini, sea salt poppy, manchego herb); as well as decadent buns (espresso cream, citron mascarpone, sun-dried tomato and feta, date cardamom, pear ginger sticky). To make it even more interesting, we're adding in freshly-milled local grains to our dough. Favorites so far include purple barley, rumsey light (a chiddam blanc de mars blend), and akmolinka flours. Who said breakfast should be boring?!?!

Visit us Saturdays at the Ferry Building to snag one of these limited quantity treats! You won't regret it.

Share your LOVE of cookies.

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Celebrate this Valentine's Day with festive, fun-loving treats! Vday menu available Friday 2/9 - Wednesday 2/14. Select items also available on Good Eggs.

Hand Decorated Shortbread Hearts
Iced Shortbread with Valentine message · $3.50 loose, $3.75 packaged
Small Iced Shortbread  (no message) · $2.25 loose, $2.50 packaged

Mini Shortbread Hearts - $1.25  each, $14/dozen
“Better Than Flowers” - Lavender Sea Salt Shortbread
“Nuts About You” - Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread
“Red Hot” - Red Hot Candy+ Vanilla Bean Shortbread
“Honey, I Love You” - Honey Vanilla Shortbread

Lovestruck Snacks  - $2.25 each, $25/dozen
Double Chocolate Heart Sandwiches
Valentine Confetti Cookies
“XO” Peanut Butter Blossoms ·  

Chocolate “Heart-Beet” Cake (2 layer),  Bittersweet Chocolate Buttercream · $35
Red Velvet Heart Cake (2 layer), Cream Cheese Frosting · $30

Cupcakes {Valentine Decoration} - $36 per dozen
Red Velvet/Cream Cheese Frosting
Vanilla Bean/Vanilla Buttercream
Devil's Food/Chocolate Buttercream

Printable menu here!


New Year + New Treats

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Whether or not your holiday season was filled with overindulgence, we get it... the new year makes you want to start off on a fresh, healthy note. We don't disagree that a few months of excess EVERYTHING begs for simplicity to reset come January. Now, we aren't going to encourage your " New Year, New You!" diet, full of restrictions, limitations, and ridiculousness, because, let's face it... that's not our style here at Batter. We have an all in moderation approach, so we ARE going to encourage you to be extra active, squeeze that yoga class in, and, best of all, try some of our favorite new treats.

The other thing you might not know is that we sneak whole grain flours into just about everything we make; are on the constant mission to tone down sweetness in our baked goods, and use only the best produce to make flavors really shine. You might not even notice that a lot of these new treats are no refined sugar, whole grain, or gluten conscious!

18 Things YOU should try this month. Since it's 2018, and all...

1. Ancient grain biscotti
2. 100% whole grain chocolate chip cookies
3. Seedy Granola
4. Coconut Walnut Date Bars
5. Candied Citron Pound Cake
6. Apple Oat Pecan Muffins
7. Cashew Butter Coconut Banana Bread
8. Chocolate Fog Cookies
9. Mesquite Cornbread
10. Cashew Butter Chocolate Blondies
11. Fig & Seed Granola Bars
12. Graham Crackers
13. Chocolate Date Cake
14. Mandarin Molasses Bread
15. Chia Almond Overnight Oats
16. Spelt Crust Quiche
17. Cardamom Rye Bundt Cake
18. Pistachio Angel Food Cake

Now, raise an espresso and a treat to 2018!

Sweet Holidays!

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Whether your house was already decorated before Thanksgiving, or you are begrudgingly dragging the boxes of lights out this weekend, the Christmas season is officially here! Finish up those turkey leftovers, it's time for cookies. Whether you prefer gingerbread people, snowballs, spiked sweets, or iced shortbread, we have something for everyone this season.

Does your to-do list include client treats, office holiday party sweets, and corporate gift boxes? Short on time for cookie exchange goodies (we won't tell), hostess gifts, or a holiday open house dessert bar? We have you covered. Want to try your hand at decorating with one of our cookie kits? Just a click away! Our Batter elves will be baking round the clock the next four weeks, turning out SO MANY DELICIOUS TREATS.Don't forget that many of our year-round favorites are also perfect for the holidays (chocolate mint! cherry ginger! carmelitas!).

Let us make your holiday season a bit easier, and much sweeter. Email for custom orders, and stop by any of our retail locations for a full selection of holiday treats!

Batter Bakery Holiday Offerings
(printable menu here)

large decorated gingerbread men . . . $5.00 each
hand decorated holiday shortbread . . . . $3.25-4.75 each

small gingerbread men (undecorated)
snowball cookies
Sand Angels
holiday confetti cookies
bourbon chocolate cherry cookies
peppermint nib brownies
chocolate peppermint sandwich cookies
$2.25 each, $24/dozen

gingerbread cupcakes /cream cheese frosting
chocolate cupcakes /peppermint buttercream
$3.25 each, $36/dozen

pear gingerbread upside down cake . . . $12/cake
candied citron pound cake . . .  $18/loaf
sweet & salty nuts . . . $16/lb

Both Batter retail locations will be closed for the holidays Saturday, December 23 - Monday, January 1. We will be selling at the Ferry Plaza Market only Saturday 12/30. The Pine Street shop and the 555 California Kiosk will reopen Tuesday, 1/2/17.
Happy Holidays from all of us at Batter Bakery!