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Staff Spotlight! Joanna Strahm, Batter Bakery PDX Manager

Jen M.Comment

Second in our series of staff spotlights is Joanna Strahm, our Batter Bakery Portland pioneer! Joanna started as a baker's assistant in February 2013, shortly after graduating from Tante Marie's Pastry School. Joanna worked her way through responsibilities in the San Francisco kitchen, from a quiet baker's assistant, to an incredibly efficient and goal-driven kitchen manager. Joanna was notorious for buzzing around the kitchen, baking up a storm while making sure everyone was on task and moving as quickly as possible. Always bandana clad, this tiny gal made a big impact on the Batter kitchen. 

When the upsetting news came that Joanna's husband had taken a job in Portland and they would be moving away, we considered that, perhaps, this would not be the end of Joanna's time at Batter, but rather the beginning of a new chapter. Joanna immediately began furious research and we decided, yes, this would be an excellent next step. Joanna arrived in Portland and began establishing wholesale accounts, found a kitchen to bake from, and secured several initial pop-ups to begin to spread the word about Batter PDX. Only a few months later, Jo has established some serious cookie footing in Portland. Look for her this Spring at the Moreland and Happy Valley Farmer's Markets, at the Portland Night Markets, and at many more special events to come!

Hippity Hop, Time to Shop!

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Easter is early this year - Sunday, March 27! We're filling the shelves with Easter goodies so you can fill Easter baskets & brunch tables! Find hand decorated Easter shortbread, honey vanilla bunnies, meyer lemon eggs, carrot cake, lavender sea salt shortbread rabbits & many more Spring goodies at all of our retail locations. Whole quiche, bake-at-home scone dough, and carrot ginger quickbread loaves make Easter brunch a cinch! Cookie decorating kits & select Easter items available on Good Eggs as well.

St. Patrick's Day

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Green + boozy treats? Must be St. Patrick's Day! In preparation for next Thursday's festivities (or this weekend's festivities, if you are a San Francisco bar-hopper), we'll have treats a plenty! Visit any of our shops, or order via Good Eggs.

Honey vanilla shamrocks, Irish soda bread, iced shamrock shortbread, Irish cheddar & apple scones, Guinness cupcakes + Bailey's espresso buttercream, vanilla cupcakes + Jameson caramel buttercream cupcakes. Don your green outfits, and we'll see you next week!

Staff Spotlight! Hallie Young - Assistant Ops Manager

Jen M.Comment

First in the series of some staff spotlights at Batter.. Hallie Young! Hallie is our Assistant Operations Manager (and will gladly give you one of her business cards that says this!). A San Francisco native, Hallie started at Batter as an intern the summer before her senior year at UC Santa Cruz. She returned home from a year abroad in Italy, and jumped right in as the most enthusiastic, cheerful, Beyonce-loving member of the team. That first summer, Hallie helped set up weddings & events with me, worked at the kiosk, kitchen, and helped with just about any project available. The only downside of that summer? Hallie had no driver's license (city kids, ugh!), so we had to drive her EVERYWHERE.

During her senior year, Hallie helped while home for the holidays, then came back the next summer after graduation as a full-time member of the team. Working her way up from baker assistant & retail, to one of our lead bakers and now assistant ops manager, Hallie has done almost everything here. Placing an order, or sending an inquiry email? Hallie will be the one answering! Holiday event or pop-up? Hallie will be there smiling, slinging goods. CUESA event at the Ferry Building? She's done just about all of them with me. Hallie is hands down, my right hand gal. She can even parallel park like a champ now. She'll tell you how many days until her birthday any time of year, and keeps us all in good spirits even after insanely long days and ridiculous holiday seasons. Next time you're in, give Hallie a hello!

Love is in the air..

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Or maybe that's the smell of Valentine cookies.

For all of you (mostly men) who have asked me, "What day is Valentine's Day?!?", IT'S FEBRUARY 14. Every single year. Same day, always. Now that we've cleared that up, let's talk about what sort of treats you should give your friend/coworker/crush/boss/mom/dad/dog walker/spouse. We have treats appropriate for just about anyone in your life. You can add the secret love note, sappy card, or snarky Valentine message as you see fit.

AWESOME FRIEND: Better Than Flowers (Lavender Sea Salt) shortbread hearts + a Red Hot Red Velvet tiny cake.

CHOCOLATE LOVING COWORKER: Bittersweet Love Sandwich Cookies

ABOVE COWORKER THAT IS TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS TO YOUR CRUSH ON HIM/HER: Add a "Hot Stuff" hand decorated conversation heart to those sandos, and check out the reaction.

BOSS: A box of hand decorated shortbread hearts, plus an order of Valentine cookies for the office. Universally cute, and shows your team-building holiday spirit.

MOM: A"LOVE" brownie and box of dipped shortbread hearts. Mom probably says she doesn't like sweets, but secretly loves icing as much as the rest of us.

DAD: Bacon Date Cornmeal shortbread minis (good man cookies) and a "Hug Me" conversation heart. Everyone needs a good Dad-hug once in awhile.

DOG WALKER: A bag of Valentine confetti cookies, because when you see dog sh*t all day long, you probably need some extra sprinkles in your life.

SPOUSE (or future spouse candidate): "Honey, I Love You" shortbread hearts and a ganache drenched red velvetheart cake. Have a romantic night and eat some cake.

Pick up treats at any all of our retail locations in SF, on Good Eggs, and at various pop-up events in Portland! Be the office hero and book your order early for Friday 2/12 celebrations. Order for shipping by Wednesday 12/10.  Visit us at our usual 555 California Street concourse tables Thurs 2/11 10am-4pm and Friday 2/12 8am-sellout. Farmer's Market Saturday 2/13 will be filled with heart-shaped treats.

Sweet Valentine's Day, lovely people!