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Farmer's Market

Jen M.Comment

Last December, we became a vendor at the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market, organized by CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture). Landing a spot at the market was years in the making for me, and one of the most exciting achievements ever.

The farmer's market is something indescribably special for me. After over six years of running Batter, I'd finally begun to to take two day weekends (miracle!). When the Ferry Building opportunity came up, I didn't even think twice about giving up my Saturday. Saturday is hands-down the most exhausting day of the week for me. Up at 3am, baking everything off, loading up, hauling the tent, tables, & goods. Setup, talking and standing ALL day, breakdown, unload, tie up loose ends. 12+ hours of nonstop motion and engagement with customers, fellow vendors, staff, and SF crazies.

Saturday is also the most fulfilling, inspiring day for me. I see my regular customers, hear about their weeks, and hand them their favorite treats. I catch up with my vendor neighbors. I see the true beginning and end of produce seasons. I see San Francisco awaken from a sleepy sunrise to a bustling hub for locals and tourists alike.

The farmer's market allows for experimentation of recipes, special seasonal treats, and unique market goodies not available during the week. Market cakes, warm cookies in the Sweetcart, cookie packs, and savory tarts.  Treats aside, you'll see a slightly sleepy but definitely smiling face that is often tucked in the kitchen or office other days of the week.

Last weekend we were lucky enough to begin a Sunday market as well - CUESA's new Mission Rock Farmer's Market. I dragged my brother along (sibling pic featured above!), met new people and new vendors, and had a fantastic time.

Come visit me at the market some weekend soon. I promise it's the best day of the week!




Happy 6th Birthday, Kiosk!

Jen M.Comment
Photo credit: Chuck Ortiz, AQ Taste

Six years ago, I slid open the glass door of this tiny (29 square feet!) kiosk space with SO MUCH excitement it was indescribable. My first retail space, smack in the middle of the financial district! We'd built shelves, branded the back of the counter, purchased jars and display pieces. I probably didn't sleep the night before, baking and packaging everything up for sale, buzzing with excitement. I remember first customers that day (some of whom are still regular customers today!), friends coming to visit, and my brother there for opening before he went to work. The kiosk has now become a regular fixture downtown, that people recognize for being such a unique little structure.

We are so happy to have made the corner of Kearny and California a little bit sweeter for six years! Celebrate today with special treats, and stop by through Sept 15 for a baker's half dozen special!



Cookie HAPPY HOUR. It's a real thing!

Jen M.Comment

The late afternoon wiggles have hit you. You are antsy, tired, and need to take a walk. Even better than just a walk? A walk and a cookie. You glance at your watch. The celebration alarm goes off in your head... IT'S COOKIE HAPPY HOUR!!!

Yes, we know. Most places have beverage happy hours. Those are wonderful, too. Cookie happy hour is an entirely different thing. You can pick any one of your favorite Batter cookies or shortbread squares, hand over two single dollar bills, and walk away with one big, chewy cookie. Will you choose peanut butter chocolate chip? Sand Angel? Cherry ginger? Lavender sea salt? So many choices and only one stomach to fill! Unless you love your co-workers, in which case you'll pick up a happy hour dozen for $22. An even better deal!

If you are near our Polk St shop, you are in luck. You can have that cookie WARMED UP! Oh, happy day. Just add an iced coffee or glass of milk and you will be in afternoon heaven.

Cookie Happy Hour, daily: 3pm-6pm (Polk Street); 4pm to close (kiosk and Embarcadero)

Pick your happiness!

What IS a Sand Angel ?!?

Jen M.Comment

I wish we kept a ticker that counted how many times we've been asked this question over the six years that we've had retail outlets. It is hands-down the most common question we receive at the shop, farmer's market, kiosk.. everywhere. To a non-regular Batter customer, a Sand Angel is something brand new.

If it were on Wikipedia (come to think of it, maybe we SHOULD list the Sand Angel on Wikipedia!), the description would read something like this.. "A Sand Angel is a cookie similar to a cross between a snickerdoodle and a molasses cookie. It is a chewy, cinnamon-y cookie with a unique crisp exterior and a dense, soft interior."

Sand Angels are pretty darn special for many reasons. For one, they were included in a roundup of the top ten cookies in the country. Two, they are a SECRET RECIPE. Three, you can only get them from Batter Bakery in SF. Four, we've made a wedding cake out of them. Five, they are trademarked. Six, people order them from across the country on a regular basis. Seven, they are just plain amazing.

A woman at the farmer's market on Saturday told me that the Sand Angels were the reason they had driven down from Sacramento for the day.

Two little boys in the Polk Street neighborhood have been coming in for at least a year for their special cookie treat. When these two tiny blond boys first came in, I would hear their high-pitched voices from wherever I was in the shop pipe "I wanna sand cookie! a sand cookie!" Now that they are a bit older (but still tiny guys), they beeline to the counter and politely tell the cashier "Two Sand Angels please, separate bags!" then hand over their money and scamper happily away.

Hearing Sand Angel stories always makes me happy... What's yours?!?

All-American Summer

Jen M.Comment

Bust out the flag bandanas and red, white, and blue outfits. Summer is here. I'm not sure how 4th of July crept up SO quickly this year, but it did.

Peaches dripping with ridiculously sweet juice, blueberries bursting, sweet corn being shucked... Fireworks, stars, watermelon, sailboats, red white and blue nonpareils rolling around our sheet trays... It's time to celebrate the good ol' USA!

Fourth of July party goodies available all week on Good Eggs, at the Polk shop Friday and Saturday (open until 3pm!), and at the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. We'll be stocked and excited to sling red, white, and blue goodies. Heck, we're an all-American bakery. This is our TIME!