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Naked Cakes!

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If you haven't noticed, naked cakes are all the rage this season. Floral-topped, fruit-filled, sprinkle-laced, ganache-drenched... the possibilities are endless. A naked cake is perfect for any occasion. Weddings, birthdays, showers.. or just because.

You'll find mini versions of naked cakes in our farmer's market display boxes (chocolate beet, carrot, chocolate stout with espresso buttercream are among some favorites). Full-size cakes by special order, customized to your tastes. Seasonal fresh fruit will be gracing these cakes throughout the summer. Bourbon caramel peaches atop cornmeal chiffon cake anyone?!

These rustic-yet-refined towers showcase what often ends up hidden beneath too much frosting - the CAKE itself! Exposed sides tease and tempt, with decadent frosting pillows peeking out from between the layers. Golden cake layers invite you to pick up a knife and have a slice!

Thank you to Karl Nielsen Photography and Sabrina Bot for the lovely photos!


Mother's Day (It's May 10 this year... Don't forget!)

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How many times over the years has your mother made you breakfast/brunch/dinner/cake? Sent you care packages in the mail? Listened to you complain about school/work/life?  Reminded you to make time for a healthful breakfast? Probably many, many times. Your mom deserves a big THANK YOU on Mother's Day.

My mom taught me to bake, so she DEFINITELY deserves a big thank you on Mother's Day.. Maybe even from some of our Batter fans, since, if it wasn't for those early baking years, Batter probably wouldn't exist!? Our home was always filled with fresh muffins, cookies, granola, and amazing smells wafting from the oven.  I grew up sorting through Mom's recipe boxes, looking for my next project.

This Mother's Day, you should make YOUR mom breakfast/brunch/dinner/cake. Not the cooking or baking type? Luckily we are. Let us do the baking and you write the heartfelt note. Or even easier, you can ORDER ONLINE for the first time ever!!

Special Mother's Day treats will be available at all of our retail locations beginning May 1!



Spring Shortbread "CSA" Boxes

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Spring produce is everywhere! We couldn't be more excited. There is no better way to see the change of the seasons than to take a walk through the farmer's market. Strawberries, peas, and asparagus are plentiful. Even the first tomatoes were out last week! In addition to packing our baked goods full of these amazing flavors, we couldn't resist creating our own celebration of spring produce. Yes, we know, it's not QUITE watermelon time, but those are one our of favorites.

These little cookie "CSA" boxes are just about the cutest thing ever, and a perfect gift for anyone in your life who loves food or gardening. Available at the shop or farmer's market until we run out. Happy Spring!

Shortbread Mini Makeover.

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© 2015 Good Eggs, Inc.

© 2015 Good Eggs, Inc.

We've been making shortbread since the beginning. Classic vanilla came first. Then lavender sea salt, which has become our signature shortbread flavor. Those floral, buttery cookies picked up some early press WAY back in the day. A trip to France (that included some cookie cutters from E. Dehillerin) inspired orange pistachio and chocolate hazelnut. Honey vanilla soon became a new favorite, and meyer lemon pink salt snuck in along the way as our salted varieties developed a serious following. Old classics like cinnamon (crisp and snappy) and sesame ginger (tender and delicate) make return appearances here and there. Seasonal creations with farm ingredients pop up throughout the year.. elderberry, fresh mint nib, cardamom pecan. Bacon date cornmeal has become a new hit, topped with salt & pepper, studded with fresh dates and artisan bacon.

Long story short, we have a love affair with shortbread. Our trusty little twine-tied bags needed an upgrade to make our shortbread retail-ready. Several iterations in, we finally decided on the box. Sleek yet playful, functional yet oh so gift-appropriate. We want to get these puppies in your corner store, coffee shop, or online gift box, so you can feed your shortbread craving at a moment's notice. Or surprise your neighbor/friend/boss/mom with a little treat. Voila! The box. Want these in your neighborhood shop? Give us a shout with the info and we'll reach out!

© 2015 Good Eggs, Inc.

© 2015 Good Eggs, Inc.

Cookies and Milk

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Warm, triple chocolate espresso cookies emerge from the oven.  Triple chocolate, eh? Cocoa Barry Extra Brute cocoa powder, TCHO 68% chocolate discos, and TCHO chocolate covered nibs are packed into this chewy, chocolatey cookie. Oh, did we mention it's laced with local Sightglass espresso beans? This cookie deserves to be eaten just a touch warm, with a large glass of cold milk. You could enjoy it with a cup of coffee.. if you REALLY need to wake up.